Character Line
Anthony Field: I hope the Maori cannibals does not destroy our Big Red Car and/or eat us as food.
Gumball Watterson: You guys must attend the grand final.
Jungle Beach Detective Agent Daniel Tiger: Is it the Australian Football League season?
Gumball Watterson: Yes. It was sponsered by Toyota, because the AFL had an athletic and epic grand final.
SpongeBob SquarePants: With a very fun AFL Grand Final Footy Show.
Jungle Beach Detective Agent Katerina Kittycat: Where, meow-meow?
SpongeBob SquarePants: In the 24/7 Sports Bar.
Emma Watkins: They are going to the AFL Grand Final on television in the 24/7 Sports Bar. We must make a green and yellow Australian rules football uniform so that the AFL stars will play all together in a single international ARF team so that Bruce Buffer will have a request to make the International Australian Rules Football League.
Channel 7 Australian Football League Grand Final Commentator: Halftime. Will the Sydney Swans win the AFL season and to automatically partipicate the next season? Or the Geelong Cats win this year's season this late afternoon? We will be back after the break.
[The Wiggles get in to the helicopter, with the JBDA, the AAF, SpongeBob, Daniel, Gumball and the daughter of the President of Australia]