Character Line
Jungle Beach Detective Agency Daniel Tiger: Mr. President of America, distinguished guests, dear American friends, good evening.
[Crowd applauds]
Jungle Beach Detective Agency Daniel Tiger: You Got It from Pilipinas Got Talent and ASAP will be combined here in MGM Grand Garden Arena, where the professional combat sports finally laid to rest for the final time. Soon, the world will be focused  on the whole world, and I have no doubt that Olympics will be ready for it.
[Crowd cheers]
Jungle Beach Detective Agency Daniel Tiger: The Universe is now a big sport fan of the Olympics now.
[Rogge enters the ring dressed in a black suit, light necktie, white dress shirt, and black shoes, walking to the speech podium from the conference room]
Jacques Rogge: Dear American friends, tonight, we come to an end of 12 rounds, which we would cherish forever.
BBC World News Newscaster: HBO Sports would like to thank for many volunteers for the Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao II fight closing ceremony, hosted by the one and only Michael Buffer.
O the Owl: That was fun, hoo-hoo.
Vince McMahon: As of now, you will see.