Character Line
Cartoon Network Country National Army Soldier: Yes, but Jelenar Keleoapar is dead on April 5.
Nickelodeon Country Royal National Army Soldier: Right.
Kazakhstan Ground Forces Soldier: Who are you?
Cartoon Network Country National Army Soldier: I am Keleanar Kalatishchiko. I am a retired world-championship kickboxer and a 5-time Olympic kickboxing gold medalist. I am 31 years old on my military career.
[A phone rings with those words "Incoming call:" and "Victor Ortiz"]
Darwin Watterson-Kengonghana: I do not think I cannot decide Idol sa Kusina or Pilipinas Got Talent auditions. I should not watch TFC or the Filipino's Channel.
Rocky Balboa: Ready to be fast as me?
Paintball Star Battalion Darwin Watterson: Be fast as Rocky Balboa! Think you can?
[Cut to PSB Gumball doing push-ups inside the paintballing ring. Cut to Kowloon Beach, where PSB Dipper, PSB Mabel and SpongeBob run and where the JBDA fight against the People's Liberation Army]
[Cam appears on television]
Perch Perkins Klenanghanghala: Mr. Perch Perkins Klenanghanghala here and we are live in Cobalt Arena in the Venetian, Macau for the WCPC Professional Paintball Championships! Or should I say the World Championship Paintballing Council Professional Paintball Championship. Tonight is the Paintball Star Battalion vs.  the Jungle Beach Detective Agency in the quarterfinal round on tonight's 12 rounds. The championship round will take harder and on 3 rounds. But where is the Paintball Star Battallion?
Kalcvana Larnagha: What was that?
Lkaranagha Manmgahonga: Intresting. You must win the fight for the 5th and final one.
[Lkaranagha puts a sports bottle on Gumball's bloody mouth and Kalcvana cleans his military uniform and googles and wipes blood as Jamangha back rubs. Mghana blows the whistle]
Agent Secret: Yes. He played us all. The Jungle Beach Detective Agency won by split decision like Brian Viloria vs. Juan Fransico Estrada, according to the judges. And now, China is at war.
Kanghalr Venghwavonghar: I am Mr. Kanghalr James Venghwavongar. Do you think what happened when someone murdered Rocky Balboa?
Jacques Rogge: Do you think Mr. Rocky Balboa of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, United states is the Munich 2972 boxing gold medalist?
SpongeBob SquarePants: Hmmm...I hope so.
[SpongeBob hears Prince Tuesday humming Gonna Fly Now. SpongeBob looks at Prince Tuesday in a waiter outfit running stairs like Rocky Balboa in the staircase running scene]
Prince Tuesday Kanghamanharad: And now, from the Neighborhood of Make Believe, with love, I am Prince Tuesday Kanghamanharad, waiter and pro-bending team captain of the Westwood City Tigers!
[Tuesday continued humming]
Jesus: What is Gonna Fly Now?
God: It is one of the Rocky songs in the Rocky film series about the story of a fictional Italian-American boxer named Rocky Balboa. I should watch all six Rocky films.
Wrestling Takedown Federation Michael Buffer: Versus...God!
[Two white hands appear on a TV and God scream]
James Clubber Lang: Uggh!! The real Mr. T stole my bike! Hulk Hogan! Help me!